Important Botball Updates

Multiple Regionals

It is finally here! Teams will be able to attend multiple regional competitions this year during the 2020 Botball season.

During registration, teams will select a “Home” region this year. This is the region where they will attend the Botball workshop, pick up their robotics kit and game pieces, will be submitting documentation, and will be eligible to win any awards (Seeding, Doc Scores, DE, Overall, Special Awards, etc.).

Teams will then have the option to attend any other tournament as a “visitor”, as long as that tournament takes place after their home regions workshop. While visiting teams will participate in the whole tournament day (besides onsite documentation), visitors are only eligible to receive an award for their placement in Double Elimination rounds. All other awards are only available to home teams. This means that a visiting team CAN NOT win the awards of Seeding placement, Outstanding Documentation, Overall placement, or any of the Judge’s Special Awards.  

Visiting teams pay an additional $200 registration fee per non-home tournament that they attend and MUST register two weeks before the date of the tournament they’d like to visit.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email

If your team has already registered for Botball 2020, but you need to select a different “Home” region than you had last year.

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Register your team as a visitor for non-home regions!
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Botball Challenge Program

This curriculum based and non-competitive program was designed to help Botball teams prepare for the upcoming season! New teams and returning teams alike can use this Challenge program to brush up on old skills and then learn some new ones in preparation for the 2020 Season. There will be three Challenge Days this year in the OK region and teams from all over are eligible to participate. 


– Botball Curriculum built to teach useful skills on the Demobot Build. 

– Challenges created to encourage mastery of skills that will be useful on this years game table. 

– Challenges will require the use of certain programming skills, a more developed robot to be built, and even cross team collaboration. 

– Easy set up and materials for use in a classroom setting.


If you have any questions about this program, please email


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Referral Grant

Have a nearby school or a group of students who have been interested in Botball but never made the plunge? If you refer a new team and they list your returning team as the referral, you will receive a $150 grant towards your registration cost!


– Returning teams who will be referring new teams, must also be registering for the 2020 Botball season. 

– New Teams must list the team who referred them during their team registration.

– The grant money will be applied to the referring teams account, after both teams (new and returning) have registered for the 2020 Botball season. 

If you have any questions about this, please email

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