Aerial Botball Challenge Program

The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics is excited to officially announce the launch of our Aerial Botball Challenge Program! 

This program is a curriculum-based program for upper elementary, middle, and high school students that teaches computer science skills and the Python programming language in a team setting through hands-on use of a Tello EDU minidrone. After utilizing the curriculum in the classroom or after school, students can showcase their skills and accomplishments at *Aerial Challenge Days, competition events where student teams work to solve progressively more difficult challenges. 

Key Elements of the Program:
– Training Workshops for Educators
– Cumulative Curriculum
– Continual Educational and Technical Support

The Program fee is $75 per drone, and the purchase of the Aerial Botball Challenge Kit includes this fee for the first time. Subsequent years, the drone equipment can be reused, however the $75 will need to be paid annually to continue to receive support and eligibility to attend workshops.  You may attend multiple workshops for free when you sign up for $75 year access. 

Some important notes:
*Additional entrance fees will apply to each drone that attends Challenge Day Events. Challenge Day entrance fees will vary depending on location. 

*Students in the program MUST have access to a computer running Windows, Mac OSX, or other Linux OS, and MUST have admin access. (CANNOT BE iPads, other tablets, Chromebooks, etc.)

Join the Aerial Botball Challenge Program Now:

For those who have already been in the program and own drone equipment but just need to renew their drone team registrations for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Once you have an active account you will be able to sign up for upcoming workshops, register teams for Challenge Day events, and access online curriculum and resources!