Online Documentation Submissions

Throughout the Botball season, your team will use the Team Home Base to post documentation activities detailing your progress. Botball Online Project Documentation(BOPD) activities are a required element of the Botball program and factor in to each team’s overall score at their regional tournament. Additionally, awards recognizing excellent documentation will be given out in each region.


Note: All submissions are due by 11:59 PM CST on the deadline. Any late submissions will automatically only be able to receive a maximum of 50% for the score and will be scaled accordingly and must be emailed to The next period will start immediately after the previous one closes.

📃 Period 1: Project Plan

📃 Period 2: Mechanical Design and Code Review

📃 Period 3: Lessons Learned and Survey

📃 Onsite

Each team must give an onsite presentation to a group of judges during their regional tournament. Your score for this presentation will be factored in to your overall documentation score. We encourage all teams to prepare for their presentation by reviewing the guidelines below as well as the Onsite Presentation Rubric.

Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Each team should prepare a virtual presentation or any other virtual aids they wish to use. We recommend including items listed in the rubric in the slides. Teams should have it up and running and ready to go as the 8 minute time limit applies.
  2. Teams are responsible for being ready to present at their appointed time online. Presentations should be given by a maximum of two students. Teams will have no more than 8 minutes to make their presentation.
  3. The onsite judge will expect you to cover the items and topics listed in the rubric.
  4. Your onsite presentation will account for 30% of your documentation score. Documentation accounts for 1/3 of your overall score in the tournament.
The rubric has changed from previous years. Teams will no longer be prompted during their presentation. Download