Register Your Team for the Botball Season

Please fill out this form to complete the registration process. NOTE: You will need to purchase a kit/register an account for each botball team you have! After submitting this form you will need to log out of this account before you can begin registration for the next team.  Upon submitting this form you will have access to the Botball Team Homebase and other resource pages on the Botball site. After submitting, please navigate to the Botball webpage and view the Team Resources drop-downs and make sure you can access the home base. If you have any questions or issues please contact us directly at or via phone at 405-579-4609.

IMPORTANT: If you are registering multiple teams and want to use the same email address, you will need to make sure and create UNIQUE usernames for each account and make sure you always log-in with the username of the desired team and NOT log in with the email address.