New Virtual Botball Academy



Additional Resources
KIPR is glad to be able to provide some additional resources at this time to help supplement for the regular JBC and Botball
programming that students currently don’t have the opportunity to participate in. 


Virtual Wombat – 

Our online virtual Wombat can be accessed to practice writing code and debugging. The virtual Wombat will let you compile to verify the code and find any errors. It will not currently show you the outcome of your code executing on a virtual robot. A virtual 2-D simulator is currently ready to access. A 3-D simulator is in development and will be available by the end of September. 


Supplemental Curriculum –
KIPR has put together some curriculum resources for students and teachers. These are not the regular full KIPR curriculum, however, we feel they can provide lessons and activities for students through Virtual Botball Academy!