The KIPR Link robot controller will use the latest version of KISS IDE 4. It will be packaged with other software in the KISS Platform.

Download the KISS Platform

Warning: KISS IDE 3 will not work for the new robot controller (KIPR Link). You must download and install the KISS Platform package (includes KISS IDE 4).


KISS (KIPR’s Instructional Software System) IDE is a multiplatform programming environment developed by the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics for use in the robotics classroom.

The current version of KISS IDE supports the C, C++, and Java languages and the CBC series of robot controllers.


Download KISS IDE 3.0.2 for Mac OS X
Download CBCv2 Manual and KISS IDE 3 Documentation Here


Please use KISS C 2.4.0 for PPC based Macs. There will be no support for PPC based systems in KISS IDE. The latest CBC upgrades will continue to function with 2.4.0.


Mac OS X users will need to install the latest Xcode for their version of OS X prior to installing KISS IDE. This may have come preinstalled on your Mac. If not, it is available from the OS X install disk or Apple as a free download (registration required). Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 will work.


XCODE 4.3 is incompatible with KISS IDE and that if it has been installed you can fix KISS IDE by installing the command line tools package found near the bottom of the page at


Access is limited to Mac Developers but one can join at no cost by filling out the form at


This issue will be resolved in a future KISS IDE release.