KIPR Wombat Firmware

Please download the firmware and follow the instructions below.
KIPR Wombat Update V25.5

Update Instructions

  1. Download .zip file to computer, unzip the file, and place the folder in the root of a USB flash drive
  2. Unzip file in the root of the flash drive and eject form computer
  3. Insert USB stick into Wombat
  4. Plug controller into battery
  5. Turn on controller
  6. Click on Settings
  7. Click on Update
  8. Click on the wallaby_update file
  9. Click the Update via USB button
  10. Click Yes.

Version 25.5 Fixes/Features:

  • Compile error for wombat.h file fixed
  • Can run wait_for_light code
  • New Update via Ethernet option available

Version 25.5 Known Issues:

Most of these issues will be fixed in the next update that will be released in the next two weeks (1/13/20)
  • Threading currently does not work
  • Spacing in python IDE is incorrect
  • Running the controller prevents others from compiling without stopping the run
  • wait_for_light only works on port 0 and has 3 second delay

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