KIPR Wombat Firmware

Please download the firmware and follow the instructions below. KIPR Wombat Update V25.7

USB Update Instructions

  1. Download .zip file to computer, unzip the file, and place the folder in the root of a USB flash drive
  2. Unzip file in the root of the flash drive and eject form computer
  3. Insert USB stick into Wombat
  4. Plug controller into battery
  5. Turn on controller
  6. Click on Settings
  7. Click on Update
  8. Click on the wombat_update file
  9. Click the Update via USB button
  10. Click Yes.

Online Update Instructions

  1. Plug ethernet cable that is providing internet into controller (this could be the one your computer is plugged into)
  2. Plug controller into battery
  3. Turn on controller
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Click on Update
  6. Click the Online Update button
  7. Click Yes

Version 25.7 Fixes/Features:

  • Threading fixed to include pthread automatically in wombat library
  • Displays LAN IP address on about page when connected over ethernet
  • Hide UI button now a checkbox under UI settings

Version 25.7 Known Issues:

  • Spacing in python IDE is incorrect