KIPR Wombat Firmware

Please download the firmware and follow the instructions below.
KIPR Wombat Update V25.6

To download most recent version (with potential issues) of Wombat Firmware, visit: KIPR-Update

USB Update Instructions

  1. Download .zip file to computer, unzip the file, and place the folder in the root of a USB flash drive
  2. Unzip file in the root of the flash drive and eject form computer
  3. Insert USB stick into Wombat
  4. Plug controller into battery
  5. Turn on controller
  6. Click on Settings
  7. Click on Update
  8. Click on the wombat_update file
  9. Click the Update via USB button
  10. Click Yes.

Online Update Instructions

  1. Plug ethernet cable that is providing internet into controller (this could be the one your computer is plugged into)
  2. Plug controller into battery
  3. Turn on controller
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Click on Update
  6. Click the Online Update button
  7. Click Yes

KIPR Wombat OS Image

Please download the OS image and follow the instructions below.

KIPR Wombat Image V25.6
This can fix a variety of issues like a touch screen no longer responding or if you just want to erase everything that is currently on a controller.

Warning: This will remove all programs on the controller so be sure to back them up somewhere.

Image Reflash Instructions

  1. Save any programs you wish to keep to a device that is not the Wombat
  2. Obtain a screwdriver and a microSD card reader for this process and at least 8GB of space on your computer
  3. Download the Wombat-25.6.img file to your computer
  4. While waiting for download, unscrew SD card cover on bottom of Wombat
  5. Pull out the SD card
  6. Insert SD card into the reader that is connected to your computer
  7. Hit cancel on anything asking you if want to reformat the drive that was just plugged in
  8. Download Balena Etcher or other similar image writing software.
  9. Once the image is downloaded, open Balena Etcher and click Flash from File and select the image file you just downloaded
  10. Then click Select Target and select the SD card drive that is plugged in (it should be about 8GB in size)
  11. Click Flash! and wait for it to finish
  12. Once it is finished, remove the SD card and put it back into the Wombat and screw the cover back on.