CBC Interface

If your CBC is running a version prior to 2.3.1, you will need to update your CBC to CBC Interface 2.3.1 (userhook0-2.3.1.zip) before installing 3.0.3.

Download CBC Interface 3.0.3 (userhook0_3.0.3.zip)

Installation Steps

  1. Extract the userhook0 and upgrade2 folder to the root of a flash drive
  2. Plug the CBC into its charger.
  3. Boot the CBC with the flash drive plugged in; the update should start automatically.
  4. Wait a few minutes for the update to complete. It will prompt you when done.
  5. Unplug the external flash drive from the CBC.
  6. Shut off the CBC.
  7. With your finger pressed on the CBC’s screen, start the CBC. You should see a “Continue holding for special options” screen. Continue holding the screen.
  8. If successful, you will see a “Loading Special Options” screen.
  9. Press install updates.
  10. Press install from USB flash drive. Note: Do NOT plug in your external flash drive again.
  11. The CBC will reboot on its own.

If the CBC has either the A.0.0 beta firmware or CBC Interface 3.0.3 already installed, please use this update CBC_Interface_3.0.3.zip instead.

Installation Steps

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Programs, then file manager.
  2. Plug in the flash drive with the CBC_interface update file.
  3. Press mount USB.
  4. Click on USB, press open.
  5. Click on CBC_interface, press install.