Tooth The Robot

Tooth originally was an acronym, but no one can remember what the letters stood for. In reality it was named because “Tooth” because it was so much smaller than FANG. Tooth was built in 1989. It has two Motorola 68HC11a processors. The processor boards are the same that were used in the 1989 robot Olympics held at the MIT AI lab during IAP. Tooth could do an entire Mars Rover Sample Return Mission — with a few simplifying assumptions. Tooth could only run on flat surfaces, and could only pick up rocks that looked like and had the same weight, as Styrofoam coffee cups covered in black electrical tape. But given those conditions, Tooth would hunt out the “rocks” and bring them back to a central point marked by a light bulb. Tooth was used successfully to help start NASA’s micro-rover program.

Some of the people that helped build and program Tooth are: Colin Angle, Erann Gat, John Loch and David Miller.

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