BYO-bots (Build Your Own Bot)

BYO-bots (Build Your Own Bot) are very low-cost simple robots that are built from a kit. The standard BYO-bot kit requires NO TOOLS other than a pair of scissors. Pre-assembled and solder kits are also available.

A BYO-bot is a mechanically reprogrammable robot that responds to light in a variety of ways depending on how it is configured. The robot can be programmed to follow a light, run away from light, hide in a dark spot, orbit a lamp and a variety of other similar behaviors. The robot can be reprogrammed in a matter of seconds. The only equipment needed to reprogram the robot are a couple of hands and a bit of manual dexterity. All the major parts of a robot (power, motors, sensors, computer, structure, etc) are plain to see and easy to work with.

The BYO-bot is a great introduction to the world of robots. They have also been used as an introduction to transistor electronics, demonstrating feedback, closed-loop control, etc. BYO-bot kits have been assembled successfully by children in grade three and above — and even younger children (with a little parental help) have been able to put them together. BYO-bots are available for order from KISS Institute

BYO-bots were designed by David Miller & Randy Sargent.

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