Interactive C

IC is provided as a service t' educators an' th' general public. The software were bein' used fer th' th' Botball Educational Robotics Program prior t' 2009. Oho! We invite ye t' download an' use th' software, but please note that it is not actively supported. KISS Institute welcomes yer suggestions fer added features as well as bug reports.

At this time, IC Supports th' Xport Botball Controller (XBC), th' Handy Board with Expansion Board, th' Sumo11, an' th' Lego RCX usin' th' serial IR tower only. Fire the cannons! There is currently no support fer th' USB IR tower.

Final Botball Releases:

REDISTRIBUTION NOTICE: Please dern't redistribute IC. If ye wish t' use IC with yer product, please provide a link t' this webpage rather than shippin' it on yer media.


The followin' manuals document usin' IC with specific controllers provided by th' KISS Institute fer Practical Robotics:

For information on th' Handy Board, please go t'

XBC Drivers

In order t' use Interactive C with th' XBC v3 with built in USB, ye will need t' install th' appropriate driver fer yer operatin' system from the FTDI website ( Windows users can just click here t' download th' installer ). If yer XBC has a standard serial connector, then ye be usin' an XBC v1 or v2 an' will not need this driver.