Talks and Sessions

Keynote Speakers

Each year the Global Conference on Educational Robotics features talks by internationally recognized robotics and programming experts from academia, government and within the industry.

Breakout Sessions

The conference also features breakout sessions which allow students, teachers and mentors the opportunity to share their ideas and work with other conference attendees. We encourage original thinking on topics as detailed as technical innovations and as broad as ethics and robotics.

Breakout sessions coming soon.

Autonomous Robotics/STEM/Makerspace Showcase

A highlight of the conference is the Makerspace Showcase. The goal of the Showcase is to provide an opportunity for students and robot enthusiasts to display anything related to STEM, Makerspaces, autonomous robot projects in a non-competitive environment and facilitate dialogue about STEM projects, Makerspaces and robotics. Attendees enjoy viewing projects and discussing ideas with their creators in a “science fair” environment.

Showcase info coming soon.