Global Junior Botball Challenge

Global Junior Botball Challenge teams will be able to join the workshops, guest speakers, Junior Botball Challenges, autonomous robot showcase and sessions. Students will working on JBC robots at the same time as Botball students.  When the Botball teams are practicing or competing the JBC students will also be working with robots.  Each Junior Botball Challenge team will need to pay the GCER registration fee. This registration fee includes 1 GCER registration. If any additional team members would like to participate in all conference events, they need to also register for GCER as a participant.

Global Junior Botball Challenge events include, (but are not limited to)

  • Global Junior Botball Challenge Day (Similar to a Regular Challenge Event)
  • Global Junior Botball Mystery Challenge Day (a day of mystery challenges – All New!)
  • Global Junior Botball Challenge “We Are The Future” Practice Day
  • Global Junior Botball Challenge “We Are The Future” Challenge Day

Junior Botball is NOT a competition.  Students are not competing against each other.  Buttons will be awarded for completion of a challenge. Team trophies will be awarded to celebrate your success at the JBC Awards Ceremony. 

Unfortunately due to the difficulty of holding a virtual JBC event there will not be any JBC events at the 2021 GCER.