International Botball® Tournament

The Global Conference on Educational Robotics hosts the International Botball® Tournament where Botball® teams from around the world vie for the International Championship. Any team that competes in a regional tournament regardless of how they finish is encouraged to participate in the International Botball® Tournament.

The International Botball® Tournament includes online documentation, onsite presentations, seeding rounds, double elimination rounds and alliance matches. Scores from each of these factor into a team’s overall score for the tournament. Alliance matches are scored, but the results are not factored into the overall team score. Awards are given for all tournament related events, including the alliance matches. The International Botball® Tournament seeding rounds, double elimination rounds and alliance matches are free and open to the public.

2023 Conference July 17-21, pre-conference July 16

GCER changes haven’t been released yet. Check back after the last tournament of the season!

Precision Seeding Rounds

On day two of the conference, teams compete unopposed on the game board as their robots attempt to score as many points as they can. The seeding rounds are a great opportunity for teams to show what their robots can really do.

Head-to-Head Double Elimination

The action heats up on day four as teams go head-to-head in the double elimination rounds. Robots from two different teams compete on the game board simultaneously in an effort to score as many points as possible, but also to keep their opponent from scoring. It’s all in good fun since Botball® tournaments are designed to be exciting and educational, but non-destructive.

International Botball® Champions

2022 –  Dead Robot Society (22-0006) – Herndon, Virginia

2021 –  Hillsdale High School (21-0195) – San Mateo, California Virtual

2019 –  Palo Alto Parts, LACT (19-0399) – Palo Alto, California

2018 – Norman Advanced Robotics (18-0113) – Norman, Oklahoma
2017 – items HTL Wiener Neustadt (17-0602) – Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2016 – items HTL Wiener Neustadt (16-0602) – Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2015 – Winchester High School (15-0371) – Winchester, Massachusetts
2014 – Great Mills High School (14-0506) – Great Mills, Maryland
2013 – Dead Robot Society (13-0006) – Herndon, Virginia
2012 – Los Altos Community Team (12-0636) – Los Altos, California
2011 – Hanalani Schools (11-0052) – Mililani, Hawaii
2010 – Hanalani Schools (10-0052) – Mililani, Hawaii
2009 – Alcott Middle School (09-0050 ) – Norman, Oklahoma
2008 – Cedar Brook Academy (08-0008) – Clarksburg, Maryland
2007 – Cedar Brook Academy (07-0008) – Clarksburg, Maryland
2006 – Norman High School (06-0238) – Norman, Oklahoma
2005 – Norman High School (05-0003) – Norman, Oklahoma
2004 – Crystal Springs Uplands School (04-0162) – Hillsborough, California
2003 – Rolla Area Homeschool (03-0296) – St. James, Missouri
2002 – Columbia Robotics Club – Columbia, Missouri
2001 – Foothill HS Team 2 (FT2) – San Jose, California
2000 – Paxon School for Advanced Studies (PAX) – Jacksonville, Florida

Dead Robot Society, 1st Place IBT Champions 2022