Comparing Two Grade 6-12 Robotics Programs: Botball vs. VEX VRC
Andrew Zhang – Norman High School

Mathematics and Programming Exercises for Educational Robot Navigation
Ronald I. Greenberg – Loyola University, Chicago

Outreach Program Using Swarm Robotics at The University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo
Eliana Valenzuela-Andrade Ph.D., Eliezer C. Caro-Suarez, Jesus Santana-Roman, Javier Olmo- Martinez, Kevin Rolón-Domena, Cheylianie Rivera- Rivera – University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Nuts and Bolts of Managing Educational Robotics Programs
Coleton McElhannon – Preston Robotics

Sprints and Stand-Ups: A System for Time Management and Goal Setting
Natalie Lucille Swetlin – Hillsdale High School Robotics Team

Distance Measurement using a Surface Micro-machined Accelerometer
Matthias Guzmits, Christoph Schnabl, Manuel Eiwen, Simon Marton-Lindenthal, Sebastian Rohrer, Alexander Lampalzer – Department for Computer Science, Secondary Technical College, HTL Wiener Neustadt

First Steps: An Experiment in Insectoid Movement
Ryan Sizemore – Sizemore Academy

Mirroring a Workspace for Writing Code on Wallabies
Aaron Pierce – Norman High School

Utilizing the Internal Gyroscope for Reliable Inertial Navigation
Yusen Hu – Dulwich College Beijing

Award Results

International Botball Tournament Results

Congratulations everyone!  The 2019 GCER Overall Scores are as follows.
Please direct any questions or comments directly to Steve Goodgame at

2019 International Botball Tournament Scores


Double Seeding

Spirit Bracket

Opportunity Bracket

Sojourner Bracket

Curiosity Bracket

Raw Scores

Special Awards Results


Congratulations everyone!  The 2019 GCER Special Awards are as follows.
Please direct any questions or comments directly to Steve Goodgame at

2019 Special Awards:

Outstanding Paper Presentation Yusen Hu
Outstanding Paper Presentation Natalie Swetin
Outstanding Paper Presentation Aaron Pierce
Outstanding Volunteers: Helene Myers
  Eugene Myers
  Jennie Clement
  Roger Clement
  Gary Mayer
Junior Botball Challenge Awards
Honorable Mentions: Noble Elementary
  Palm Desert
Junior Botball Challenge – Open Platform
3rd Zhi Yu Guardians United
2nd Gravity
1st Maker Planet
Junior Botball Challenge – Advanced
3rd Summit Elementary
2nd Kiefer Public Schools
1st Galielo STEM Academy
JBC Botguy – Elementary LiuFeng He, Knight A Team
JBC Botgal – Elementary Aubrey Oakey, Galileo STEM Academy
JBC Spirit of Botball Mid-Del Public School
Mentor Awards
High School Outstanding Mentor Allen Skinner
Middle School Outstanding Mentor David Culp
Elementary Outstanding Mentor Gina Kwid
International Botball Tournament Awards
Most Memorable Game Joker, 670
Most Memorable Game Radiant Ht, 674
Outstanding Button Waltrip High School, 139
Outstanding Team Spirit Liberty Public Schools, 238 & 242
Outstanding Outreach Kiefer High School, 136
Outstanding Subsystems Radiant Ht, 674
Outstanding Sub-systems HTL Wiener Neustadt, 602
Outstanding Sub-systems Palm Desert High School, 167
Outstanding Use of Sensor Great Mills High School, 249
Outstanding Use of Camera Hillsdale High School, 195
Outstanding Team Girl Power, 720
Outstanding Engineering Guardians of Garden Grove, 534
Outstanding Overall Design Norman Advanced Robotics, 113
Outstanding Programming Dead Robot Society, 6
Outstanding Programming Maja Mataric Team from Wabash Valley, 320
Outstanding Programming Plainview High School, 101
Outstanding Programming Ada Lovelace of the Wabash Valley, 319
Outstanding Programming Noble High School, 468
Outstanding Middle School Crane, 675
International Botgal – Middle School Shayna Hecht, 33
International Botgal – High School Alissa Morgan, 720
International Botguy- Middle School Jonathan Harris, 101
International Botguy – High School Xavier Majors, 659
Judges’ Choice Trophy Winchester Robotics, 371
Judges’ Choice Trophy Radiant Ht, 674
Overall Judges Choice Los Altos Community Team, 399
Do the Math, Save the World Norman Advanced Robotics, 113
Spirit of Botball Rockville High School, 333
Spirit of Botball G-Force, 71
Spirit of Botball and Banner Explorer Post 1010, 160

1st Place – Airtems
2nd Place –
Flight Sight
3rd Place –
Flying Twisters
4th Place –
Drone Stop Believing
5th Place –
Cedarhouse Robotics

Judge’s Choice Award –
Flight Sight, for Drone Swarm Execution