The goal of the conference sessions is to provide an opportunity to share ideas on the topics listed below. We encourage original thinking on topics as detailed as technical innovations and as broad as ethics and robotics.

A Girls Perspective on STEM
Ellie Thurston – Norman High School

Autonomous Robotics
Eric Visser – Pembroke High School

The Creation of an Effective Robot
Nathaniel Oo – Dead Robot Society

Running Efficiently with Robotics
Brendan Murphy – Pembroke High School

Gears and Gear Chains
Cooper Grund – PHS Robotics

Intent of Botball Coalition
Various Botball Teams – International Collaboration

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Botball
Elvin Liu, Michael Bock, Jacob Barats – Explorer Post 1010

Mission EDU
Daniel Swoboda, Daniel Honies, Christoph Käferle, Markus Pinter, Florian Ungersböck, Raphael Weinfurter – Secondary Technical College, Wiener Neustadt

Making HTTPS and Anonymity Networks Slightly More Secure (Or: How I’m Using My Botball Skill Set in the Privacy/Security Field)
Jeremy Rand – The Namecoin Project / Norman Advanced Robotics Alumni

Game Strategy: Optimizing Strategy Using the Binary Knapsack Algorithm
Tommy Yang – Menlo School

Botball Revolution – Print your own Parts
Viktoria Zach – Talentehaus St.Polten, Austria

Preparing for Competition
Colton Cappa – Pembroke High School

Programming for Failure
Annaleise Kealiher – The Bots Who Say Ni

Robotics and the Community: A Constructive Relationship
Ethan Rankin – Pembroke High School

Controlling the Designs
Gregory Kaplowitz, Ryan Guimares, Riley Larsen – Pembroke High School

The Effects of Technology
Shun Akiya and Duke Swajian – Palm Desert Charter Middle School

Use of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Algorithm and Tracking-LearningDetection Algorithm in Botball Competition
Yimo Xu – Qingdao No.2 Middle School 

fl0w – A Development Environment for the KIPR Wallaby
Philip Trauner, Christoph Heiss, Sebastian Schaffler, Nico Kratky, Nico Leidenfrost, Christine Zeh, Sascha Zemann – Secondary Technical College, Wiener Neustadt

Motion Planning for Simple Two-Wheeled Robots
Ronald I. Greenberg and Jeffery M. Karp – Loyola University Chicago