The goal of the conference sessions is to provide an opportunity to share ideas on the topics listed below. We encourage original thinking on topics as detailed as technical innovations and as broad as ethics and robotics.

Code Convention and version control help us to success in Botball

Zebu Lan—USTB Robot Society

Efficiency in R&D

Justin Shumadine—Dead Robot Society

S2 robot and a GUI – A possible approach to teach text-based programming to
middle or high school students

Olivia Nche-Eyabi, Sekou L Remy—Clemson University

Pythagorean Combinations for LEGO Robot Building

Ronald I. Greenberg—Loyola University Chicago

Improving Manipulators by Imitating Arthropod Body Structures

Xiao Yu—Qingdao No.2 Middle School

Rudimentary Swarm Robotics

Josiah HamidKhani, Thomas Keller, Matthew Sims, Isaac Swift—Episcopal School of Dallas

Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Robotic Systems with Mission Control

Daniel Swoboda, Raphael Weinfurter, Florian Ungersböck, Markus Pinter, Christoph Käferle, Daniel Honies – Federal Technical Secondary College in Wiener Neustadt


3D Exploration: Applied Robotics

Nathaniel Grady, Micheal Nguyen, Rutvick Velaga – Norman High School

The Different Methods of Depth Sensing and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Roy Xing, Andrea Huang – Winchester Botball

Applying Dijkstras Algorithm in Autonomous Robot Navigation

Lauren Yang – Menlo School