Virtual Botball Academy

Engage your children in STEM and coding with our fun and engaging Virtual Botball Academy program. Zero previous experience with robots or coding required! Free training workshops for students and parents.
Our teacher-led KISS Institute for Practical Robotics has specialized in producing nationally recognized STEM educational robotics programs (Botball and Junior Botball Challenge) that have been Empowering Educators and Impacting Students since 1997. Our Junior Botball Challenge and Botball programs are now being used by over 2000 schools impacting ~40,000 students worldwide. We focus on not only the fun of robotics but use them to engage students in real-life rigorous computer science (C and Python programming languages), math and science concepts that are aligned to educational standards.

How Are We Doing This Virtually??

The web-based tools (no software to download or update) work on computers, tablets, Chrome-books, iPads and cell phones and includes:
2D Robot Simulator
– Used in all of the activities, provides immediate feedback that helps facilitate better understanding of code
– 3D Simulator will be released mid-September
Free on-going training workshops
– Attend as many as you or your student wants
Virtual Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
– Allows synchronous coding for you and your child
Standards aligned curriculum
– Includes not only robotics, but STEAM and cybersecurity
– CSTA, ISTE, NGSS and CCSS aligned (we can also align to any state CS standards)
– Hundreds of open-ended activities with built in performance based assessments
– Once your child masters a few basic skills they can progress at their own pace

Additional Details
Annual subscriptions start at $50 for individual students. Groups (up to 6 students) can be purchased at $19/student. If you are interested in learning more or seeing a live demo of the Virtual Botball Academy please email us at and we will set something up.