libwallaby  v24
The wallaby standard library
CreatePackets::_4 Struct Reference

#include <create.hpp>

Public Attributes

unsigned char wallSignal [2]
unsigned char cliffLeftSignal [2]
unsigned char cliffFrontLeftSignal [2]
unsigned char cliffFrontRightSignal [2]
unsigned char cliffRightSignal [2]
unsigned char userDigitalInputs
unsigned char userAnalogInput [2]
unsigned char chargingSourcesAvailable

Detailed Description

Create OI Packet 4

Member Data Documentation

◆ chargingSourcesAvailable

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::chargingSourcesAvailable

◆ cliffFrontLeftSignal

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::cliffFrontLeftSignal[2]

◆ cliffFrontRightSignal

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::cliffFrontRightSignal[2]

◆ cliffLeftSignal

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::cliffLeftSignal[2]

◆ cliffRightSignal

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::cliffRightSignal[2]

◆ userAnalogInput

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::userAnalogInput[2]

◆ userDigitalInputs

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::userDigitalInputs

◆ wallSignal

unsigned char CreatePackets::_4::wallSignal[2]

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