libwallaby  v24
The wallaby standard library
CreatePackets::_1 Struct Reference

#include <create.hpp>

Public Attributes

unsigned char bumpsAndWheelDrops
unsigned char wall
unsigned char cliffLeft
unsigned char cliffFrontLeft
unsigned char cliffFrontRight
unsigned char cliffRight
unsigned char virtualWall
unsigned char cargoBayDigitalInputs
unsigned char lowSideDriverAndWheelOvercurrents

Detailed Description

Create OI Packet 1

Member Data Documentation

◆ bumpsAndWheelDrops

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::bumpsAndWheelDrops

◆ cargoBayDigitalInputs

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::cargoBayDigitalInputs

◆ cliffFrontLeft

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::cliffFrontLeft

◆ cliffFrontRight

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::cliffFrontRight

◆ cliffLeft

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::cliffLeft

◆ cliffRight

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::cliffRight

◆ lowSideDriverAndWheelOvercurrents

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::lowSideDriverAndWheelOvercurrents

◆ virtualWall

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::virtualWall

◆ wall

unsigned char CreatePackets::_1::wall

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