libwallaby  v24
The wallaby standard library
camera.h File Reference
#include "geom.h"

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struct  pixel


typedef struct pixel pixel


enum  Resolution { LOW_RES, MED_RES, HIGH_RES, NATIVE_RES }
enum  Model { WHITE_2016, BLACK_2017 }


int camera_open ()
int camera_open_black ()
int camera_open_at_res (enum Resolution res)
int camera_open_device (int number, enum Resolution res)
int camera_open_device_model_at_res (int number, enum Model model, enum Resolution res)
int camera_load_config (const char *name)
void set_camera_width (int width)
void set_camera_height (int height)
int get_camera_width (void)
int get_camera_height (void)
int camera_update (void)
pixel get_camera_pixel (point2 p)
int get_channel_count (void)
int get_object_count (int channel)
const char * get_object_data (int channel, int object)
int get_code_num (int channel, int object)
int get_object_data_length (int channel, int object)
double get_object_confidence (int channel, int object)
int get_object_area (int channel, int object)
rectangle get_object_bbox (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_ulx (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_uly (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_brx (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_bry (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_width (int channel, int object)
int get_object_bbox_height (int channel, int object)
point2 get_object_centroid (int channel, int object)
int get_object_centroid_column (int channel, int object)
int get_object_centroid_x (int channel, int object)
int get_object_centroid_row (int channel, int object)
int get_object_centroid_y (int channel, int object)
point2 get_object_center (int channel, int object)
int get_object_center_column (int channel, int object)
int get_object_center_x (int channel, int object)
int get_object_center_row (int channel, int object)
int get_object_center_y (int channel, int object)
void camera_close ()
void set_camera_config_base_path (const char *const path)
const unsigned char * get_camera_frame_row (unsigned row)
const unsigned char * get_camera_frame ()
unsigned get_camera_element_size ()

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ pixel

typedef struct pixel pixel

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Model

enum Model

◆ Resolution

enum Resolution

Function Documentation

◆ get_camera_element_size()

unsigned get_camera_element_size ( )

◆ get_code_num()

int get_code_num ( int  channel,
int  object 
The data associated with the given channel and object as an integer. If the given channel or object doesn't exist, -1 is returned.
See also

◆ get_object_bbox_brx()

int get_object_bbox_brx ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_bbox_bry()

int get_object_bbox_bry ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_bbox_height()

int get_object_bbox_height ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_bbox_ulx()

int get_object_bbox_ulx ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_bbox_uly()

int get_object_bbox_uly ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_bbox_width()

int get_object_bbox_width ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_center_column()

int get_object_center_column ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_center_row()

int get_object_center_row ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_center_x()

int get_object_center_x ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_center_y()

int get_object_center_y ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_centroid_column()

int get_object_centroid_column ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_centroid_row()

int get_object_centroid_row ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_centroid_x()

int get_object_centroid_x ( int  channel,
int  object 

◆ get_object_centroid_y()

int get_object_centroid_y ( int  channel,
int  object