libwallaby  v24
The wallaby standard library
button.h File Reference

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void set_a_button_text (const char *text)
void set_b_button_text (const char *text)
void set_c_button_text (const char *text)
void set_x_button_text (const char *text)
void set_y_button_text (const char *text)
void set_z_button_text (const char *text)
int a_button ()
int b_button ()
int c_button ()
int x_button ()
int y_button ()
int z_button ()
int side_button ()
int black_button ()
int left_button ()
int right_button ()
int a_button_clicked ()
int b_button_clicked ()
int c_button_clicked ()
int x_button_clicked ()
int y_button_clicked ()
int z_button_clicked ()
int side_button_clicked ()
int any_button ()
void extra_buttons_show ()
void extra_buttons_hide ()
int get_extra_buttons_visible ()
void set_extra_buttons_visible (int visible)

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