libwallaby  v24
The wallaby standard library
botball.h File Reference
#include "export.h"
#include "vtable.h"

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VF EXPORT_SYM void shut_down_in (double s)
VF EXPORT_SYM void wait_for_light (int light_port_)

Function Documentation

◆ shut_down_in()

VF EXPORT_SYM void shut_down_in ( double  s)

Register an event to stop the user program after s seconds

[in]sThe number of seconds to wait before the end of program

◆ wait_for_light()

VF EXPORT_SYM void wait_for_light ( int  light_port_)

Initiate a calibration and wait for light sequence which is a normal early step in Botball programs

[in]light_port_The analog port and light sensor to use.