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KIPR Open Tournament

The KIPR Open Autonomous Robotics Game (formerly known as Beyond Botball) is distributed by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics to encourage ongoing robotics education beyond the high school level.

College and university educators are encouraged to use the KIPR Open game as a project in their science and engineering courses. Mentors, parents and teachers of Botball teams are encouraged to focus their own creative energies into a solution for the KIPR Open (let the kids build their own robots!).

The 2014 KIPR Open game is: Hang 'Em High

The objective of this year’s game challenge is to collect and hang coat hangers on rungs at 2 different heights.

Click here to download the rules: 2014 KIPR Open Game

If you or your organization holds a robotics event using the KIPR Open game, please let us know so we can list it at our web site.

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