You Name the Controller!

Project: Kovan Robot Controller

What is it?

Project: Kovan is an easy to use and powerful linux-based robot controller. It aims to be simple enough for a middle schooler, powerful enough for a researcher, and versatile enough for the hobbyist.

What makes it different?

After playing with many of the other controllers on the market, we felt that they were all lacking something. We wanted a controller to be easy to use on the surface, but have the raw power to handle anything thrown at it.

The best part is that you do not need a computer to program the controller!

How do I submit a name for the robot controller?

Pledge today on our Kickstarter page and you can submit a name for the controller.

*Subject to KIPR approval (no foul language or copyright infringement).

*Pending if someone does not pledge the top level award on Kickstarter.

How do I vote for a name?

For every dollar you pledge to the Project: Kovan Kickstarter, your submitted name or other favorite name will get one vote.

Once the Kickstarter is complete, we will take the 5 names with the most votes that the backers have submitted, and open it up to public voting.

At that point, everyone will get to vote for his or her favorite name.

Please visit our Kickstarter page today to pledge and get your name in the running!

Kickstarter page link:

Here are the current submissions for the robot controller from our Kickstarter backers: