KIPR Camera Contest (OVER)

KIPR Camera Contest (OVER):
In order to make the CBC more user friendly, KIPR is sponsoring a contest to allow a CBC to use any standard webcam, not just the one provided.
Grand Prize:
The winning entry has the choice of the following prizes:

  • $1,000 Cash
  • $1,500 Credit at the Botball Store
  • 2012 Botball team registration ($2,500 value)

The Challenge:
Write a USB camera driver that will work with the Chumby Classic Kernel (v1.7.1) running Ubuntu Linux 2.6.16. The driver needs to include the following:

  • Interface with any UVC camera
  • Ability to capture frames from the USB camera in raw format, RGB, or YUV
  • Ability to capture frame size 180x120 pixels (or adjustable)
  • Interface to the camera settings (exposure, white balance, contrast, brightness, etc...)
  • Documentation that includes driver structure and interface usage (in English)
  • Commented source code (in English)

The winning software will be included in the 2012 CBC firmware, and will be used by KIPR in future releases. KIPR also reserves the right to request support and/or clarification to any submitted code.
How to Enter:
Send an email to CamPrize (at) that includes the names and email addresses of everyone that contributed to the project and the contest entry in a machine readable zipped format. Sorry, we cannot accept entries that require commercial software or other software that is not provided as open source or under GPL. KIPR reserves the right to end the contest at any time without warning.
The winner will be determined by following the included documentation to test on a local device. Entries will be examined in the order in which received, the first entry to meet the challenge criteria will be deemed the winner. The judges shall have the sole authority and discretion to select the winning entry.Notification:
All entrants will be notified when a winner has been selected via email, and the winner will be announced on the KIPR home page.

Download a copy of these rules here.