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Project: Kovan Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to the 67 people that helped us fund this project 102%.

KIPR Link Software Downloads and Support Manuals

A software update will be posted soon as well as support manuals. We are currently working on all documentation, but the software is up on the KIPR Link product page. Please visit the KIPR Link product page for all the necessary updates for your robot controller.

KIPR Link Kickstarter Sponsors List

*The list of names excludes the 13 people that wish to stay anonymous.
*Also 28 backers that purchased controller packages are not yet included.

Patrick Hillmeyer
Andrew Mehta
Paulo de Lemos Marini
Aivis Vidins
Kevin Low
Tiffani Shults
The Educated Robot
Cathryne Stein
George Westwater
Jun Jeon
Kathy Rand, Ph.D.
The Knipe Family
Karl R. Wurst

Roughtail Brewing Company
Matthew, Sarah, and Carter Oelke
Braden McDorman
Christoph Krofitsch
Daniel Casner
Robert Ekman
Ivan Joe
Kristina Monakhova
Reinhard Grabler
Rachel Reeves
Shalley McDorman Peck
Angela McGhghy
Ethan Gladding