7th-12th Botball and Computer Science Curriculum

In an effort to continue increasing our educational outreach and global robotics footprint, the KISS Institute of Practical Robotics has begun developing curriculum for grades 7 -12. This curriculum is built for use with the KIPR Wallaby. It can be viewed as a stand-alone computer science curriculum that uses the Wallaby as a manipulative or as a first semester platform to get students ready for the Botball competition in the spring semester.

This curriculum has been set up in project-based learning(PjBL) and problem based learning(PBL) modules. Each activity includes a task for students to complete, a materials list required and the overall goal for the module. Additionally, we have made explicit the construction and behavior components that a teacher should expect, as well as projected student outcomes and a set of activities to use as extensions in order to differentiate your instruction.

We have provided a link to the curriculum as a free file view of Activity 1:COLLECT & STORE

2012 Demobot Curriculum

This is a free zip file download of the 2012 Demobot Curriculum. Perfect for introducing you to the basics of programming your CBC Botball controller, this zip file contains the following lessons:

1 - Move Straight
2 - Move Turns
3 - Move About Lines
4 - Variables and Constants
5 - Functions
6 - Printing Text
7 - Camera Navigation
8 - Create Basic Movement
9 - Create Sensors
10 - Starting Light Code