Two Years Too Much Fun

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Two Years Too Much Fun

Submitted By:
Donna Harrington

Entry Category:
Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, and Robotic Art

Entry Age Group:
Post High School

Project Goals:
This is a video scrapbook of two years of teaching robotics, programming, running after school clubs and summer camps, participating on Botball and Botfest.

I look at this video and realize I have the best job! And that KIPR and Botball have made engineering fun and exciting for my students. With training from Botball and UMass Lowell, I've been able to bring robotics into our small pubic charter school with great success. The kids love working with robots - it's hands-on, self-directed learning, teaches computer skills, logic, mechanical engineering and problem solving.

There is nothing like that first magic moment when a student realizes that the robot has been given life with their programming. And then they are so proud, they can't wait to show it off!

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