Think Smart

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Think Smart

Submitted By:
Amanda Cardinal, Katie Gundlach, Kristal Rosson and Courtlyn O'Grady

Entry Category:
Robotics HOW-TO Videos

Entry Age Group:
9th to 12th grade

Project Goals:
The goal of our HOW-TO video is to demonstrate that paying attention to simple details will make your robot more successful. The video illustrates why using a spool, within a pulley system, with a larger circumference, is more efficient than using a spool with a smaller circumference. Last Botball season, our team made a robot whose purpose was to grab the blocks by lifting an arm, which was on a pulley system. We used a full bushing as the intake spool. Our robot worked perfectly except for the fact that the arm took too long to lift up and down. It was not until we got to GCER, that we realized there was a very simple way to fix our problem. If we replaced our full bushing with a LEGO piece with a larger circumference the arm would move faster without changing the motor speed.

This video started off with our team running the robot perfectly, getting the most points possible. The robot was programmed to grab the four blocks on one side and stack them in the starting box. With all of the ping-pong balls in a basket the robot then goes to the other side to grab two more blocks to bring to the four blocks already stacked. Our robot does this perfectly and efficiently, but when we looked at the clock at the end of the run, it was over the time limit. We realized that, in order to increase the speed and decrease the time, we had to increase the circumference of the spool lifting the claw up and down. We also included a mathematical description of why the larger spool winds our string faster.

Think Smart

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