Rubberband Launcher

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Rubberband Launcher

Submitted By:
Walter Vong, Nick Moreno, Alejandro Gonzalez, Milo Gubler, and Spencer Stasser

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
8th grade and below

Project Goals:
The goal of our video is to promote Robotics and to convince our administration to have Robotics as a class during school hours. Currently, our club is an after school program which meets two days a week (Mondays and Thursday from 2:00 -3:00), for the months before our region workshop. After we receive our kit and are presented the new game, we meet after school 4-5 days a week. Our time working on our robots is limited because we have kids in our club who cannot be in the club everyday. They have sports, donʼt have a ride home, school work and other activities. If we had a class, not only can we work on our robots everyday, the amount of kids able to join will grow because it is during school hours.

During school hours we would also have enough time to learn more about programming, and building. We could bring in local experts like Ross Mead from USC, who live and work in our surrounding area to present and inspire our class so that we better understand and use our skills in the robotic field and find interest and confidence in ourselves so we will be eager to take the higher level math and science classes offered at our middle school and high school.

The students in our after school robotic program were our inspiration to make a rubber band launcher. We know all kids love to launch things. If we show the fun and cool things that the Robotics club can do, students will become more interested in robotics. When we get more students, we can show the administration how the Robotics club has grown and how we need it to become a class. If we are successful, the “Robotics club” will become the “Robotics class” for future students and us.

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