RE'Creating' Botguy

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RE'Creating' Botguy

Submitted By:
Courtlyn OʼGrady

Entry Category:
Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, and Robotic Art

Entry Age Group:
8th grade and below

Project Goals:
The goal of my ROBOT ART video is to illustrate the resourceful and fun ways that robots can be used. For the past couple years the Botball room has been plain, boring, and looks like the life has been sucked out of it. My team needed to add some color or Botball decorations to spice up the room make it a more robotic friendly atmosphere. By creating my ROBOT ART of Botguy we have made a poster to decorate my teamʼs Botball room and found a cool way to promote my Botball team.

We created the video by using a stop motion animation of the create drawing a picture of Botguy. You could program your create to draw any picture you could desire by using basic programming skills. I drew a very light sketch of Botguy on a very large piece of butcher paper. We used a point and shoot still camera and took picture at two inch intervals as the create moved along and traced the sketch of Botguy. As the create followed the sketch of Botguy, it traced the sketch with a dark black marker. The marker was attached and held to the create by using a LEGO and metal mechanism.

This is an art project so I decided to make the video “artsie” by giving the video a visual sketch effect. I had a difficult time getting the stop motion animation section transferred in to a format to be able to incorporate the live action sections that include the introduction and conclusion part of the video.

This is a good idea because first I had a lot of fun making it even though it was very time consuming. Also because I now have a unique piece of art for my teamʼs Botball room and a video to promote my Botball team.

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