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Submitted By:
Trevor Carmack and Tj Brown

Entry Category:
Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, and Robotic Art

Entry Age Group:
9th to 12th grade

Project Goals:
The RAFA Bot was made to resemble the ballista, an ancient siege machine. The ballista is mounted on a create with a free-spinning pivot point. Two servos are attached to the ballista, allowing it to move vertically to face straight up, straight down, and any angle in between. The RAFA Bot is also made entirely of LEGO and IFI pieces comprised entirely of parts from previous years of Botball kits.

The inspiration of this project came from two things: a love of ancient weapons and a yearning to show that a variety of different robots can be made with Botball kit parts. One of the hardest problems to overcome was that of a multitude of cords the were becoming quickly entangled. A large LEGO pole was made that extended vertically near the ballista with a horizontal attachment extending over the Ballista. The cords and extenders were than entwined around the pole so they would not become entangled.

The RAFA Bot came together faster and easier than originally thought, pleasing the class with its accuracy and power. On behalf of the whole Southwest Covenant Botball team, thank you.

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