A New Way to Program

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A New Way t' Program

Submitted By:
George Gregos-Mourginakis

Entry Category:
Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, an' Robotic Art

Entry Age Group:
8th grade an' below

Project Goals:
The Auto Programmer fer Create can help teach many students how t' program. To use it, ye have t' push yer robot an' press th' black button at th' end o' each step, pass the grog! The program records th' movements, an' after ye signal that th' program is o'er, it writes it them t' a file.

The Auto Programmer can help teach many students how t' program by actually writin' th' program fer them. When th' students would like t' see how th' program looks, they can study th' code an' consult th' target manual t' see how it works.

The Auto Programmer can also be useful fer experienced Botballers. Instead o' tediously programmin' th' distance fer th' robot through trial an' error, ye can push th' robot how far ye want it t' go, an' then review th' code. A great thin' fer those last-minute programmers.

This new technology can be used fer all sorts o' thin's, an' is not limited t' teachin' an' havin' th' robot program fer ye. I originally designed this program t' help me with programmin', so I dern't have t' use guess an' check t' sail me robot t' a specific location. Seein' th' possibilities o' this program, I have decided t' take it a step further an' present it in th' KIPR Video Showcase!

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