Future Technology Advances for the Disabled

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Future Technology Advances for the Disabled

Submitted By:
Palm Desert Charter Middle School

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
8th grade and below

Project Goals:
This sad, but interesting video will later explain the developments that people are currently making today by using STEM. Our blind friend, Grant, is struggling to locate his position in the beginning of this video until a 7th grade student, Evan, from the Advanced Robotics Classroom helps him get his way around.

Evan leads him into the Robotics Classroom where our group members are building a Demo-Bot that will later help blind people locate themselves because of the camera installed on the robot. The students working on the robot, Andrew and Nick, give a thorough explanation on how they are building this robot.

At the end of this video, the blind man is enthusiastic about the fact that people are trying to help him.

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