Darth Vader's Technical Difficulties

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Darth Vader's Technical Difficulties

Submitted By:
Palm Desert Charter Middle School

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
8th grade an' below

Project Goals:
Our video is about Darth Vader’s technical situation an' injuries, an' how STEM helps that scurvey dog recover from his fall in a pit o' lava after his battle with Obi Guacamole.

Our first scene is about Darth Vader’s suit breakin' down. We solved this situation by hirin' an engineer who helps us fix Darth Vader’s suit.

The second scene is about Darth Vader fallin' into a pit o' lava, an' because o' this major event, he got a terrible burn that will affect th' rest o' his life. We solved this situation by hirin' both a technician an' a surgeon (doctor) t' help make his suit more efficient t' prevent these types o' incidents, an' t' perform surgery on his flesh that got burned because o' th' lava.

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