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Submitted By:
Harare International School

Entry Category:
Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, and Robotic Art

Entry Age Group:
9th to 12th grade

Project Goals:
The goal of our project was to make two CBCs and two iCreates which could be could be controlled by people at run time without having to program the movements before hand. The very nature of our project was ironic because we were reprogramming robots with the purpose of being autonomous to be non-autonomous. Since our task was to “reprogram” the basic functions of the CBCs, this project took a different, more difficult course than the all the others because we were doing all the things which hadn't been documented before.

Although for the most part of our project the engineering was the standard there was one extra- ordinary modification we made. We had to extend the preexisting extension cable which came with the kit so that the CBC could be controlled from a further distance. This extension cable enabled the the motors which are the steering wheel to be further away from the robot meaning that the player could be further away. This extension cable had no impact upon the programming of the CBC or the whole design of the robot but actually increased the usability of our final product.

Our coding was also the standard for the Botball competitions but again we made one slight modification to enable the robot to be autonomous. We created an idle loop which was basically just a for loop which looped forever waiting for the motor position from the controllers to change using the get_motor_position_counter function. Without this idle for loop this project would never have been able to work because it would not have been able to sense the change in the motors which form the steering wheel of the project.

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