The Botguys Are Alive?

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The Botguys Are Alive?

Submitted By:
Palm Desert Charter Middle School

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
8th grade and below

We have here a STEM Promotional Video on who and why people should join Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering. We like to call it, “The Attack of the Boyguy’s” created by the combined efforts of Garrid, Agustin, Jonah, Nick, Zac, Zach, Paul, and Cassie from Palm Desert Charter Middle School.

To distribute this serious message in a fun, understandable, video, we decided to document a fictional epidemic on the, “Big Island” of Hawaii. It is no coincidence that this is the location of the 2012 Botball competition. In our story, four kids are filming a STEM promotional video for the 2012 Botball competition, however, things go awry when they see the Botguys lined up, as if ready to attack. The kids escape, and the video ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, not revealing whether or not the kids made it out safely.

We decided to incorporate Botguy, because he is everyone’s favorite robot, and because he represents the competition that we participate in. We all love Botguy and figured it would grab the attention of viewers if this familiar robot were turned against his own cause. Our goal was to deliver the meaning of STEM as the core of our message.

We wanted for all of it to boil down to one point – we need people to be a part of STEM. Our fictional tale is a way to draw people in, but there is more than that. Being in STEM means you are contributing to the progressing and changing world through science, technology, math and engineering. These are the raw elements to every robot created in our humble classroom, and with STEM, we hope to expand and become something bigger as a team. We would like to thank Mrs. Linda Reynolds’s for her constructive criticism, and Mr. Reggie Clark, for advice and use of equipment.

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