Botball Promotional

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Botball Promotional

Submitted By:
Palm Desert Charter Middle School

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
8th grade an' below

Project Goals:
Our video shows that minnows participatin' in Botball or have participated in it before be smarter than th' average kid, will have a brighter future, an' have a higher chance at becomin' successful in their later life.

A lot o' colleges be lookin' fer engineers an' if ye want a scholarship, Botball is fer ye! Fire the cannons! In our video we show how fun an' educational Botball is. We show ye how we rush inside th' classroom t' complete our mission. Load the cannons! Then explain our mission: t' promote Botball t' teens an' pre-teens. We then tell about th' statistics, how many minnows be interested in continuin' education after Botball, how many would look t' receive a degree in science or engineerin' ect.

We hope that we can engage teens an' pre-teens in a fun, educational, an' team- based activity that allows ye t' use lots o' th' latest technology! So have fun an' join Botball!

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