Botball: Making Robotics Awesome

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Botball: Making Robotics Awesome

Submitted By:
Nick Uebele

Entry Category:
STEM Promotional Videos

Entry Age Group:
9th to 12th grade

Project Goals:
Through this video, we hoped to convey to people unfamiliar with Botball or STEM programs in general just how amazing it is. These programs teach kids so much about Math and Science while also offering them opportunities to have a lot of fun.

Our video consists of footage from the 2011 Global Conference on Educational Robotics as well as clips of our team working on robots under the direction of our mentor, David Culp. We used 30 second clips of two licensed songs to add to the intense feel of the competition footage. It is our hope that after watching our video, kids all around the world will want to get involved in programs like Botball and apply themselves in fun, educational opportunities.

Botball has taught all of us so much besides just how to build robots: it has taught us to work together, not give up, and, most importantly, how to have fun while learning. We wish that others will participate in activities like Botball and gain the same lessons.

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