Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines th' information gatherin' practices o' th' KISS Institute fer Practical Robotics through our web sites (an' subsites): /, an' how we use th' information we gather. We be committed t' th' privacy o' our visitors, an' dern't sell or otherwise make this information available t' other parties, except as required by law.

Information You Submit

Our site collects information in a number o' places that is integral t' th' performance o' vari'us functions, shiver me timbers For instance, we collect billin' an' shippin' information in order t' process yer orders. In all cases where ye submit information t' us, 'tis purpose is clearly labeled.

Additionally, we may also use information ye provide in other ways t' improve yer user experience, prevent fraud, diagnose technical problems, or create customer statistics fer internal use.

Information Collected Automatically

Like most sites, we automatically log information about yer internet address, web browser, date an' time o' visit, pages visited, an' off site referrin' page, if any, by Blackbeard's sword. We use this information t' gather statistics about how our site is used, an' t' diagnose technical problems. Records o' individual visits be usually retained in our logs fer only a short time (most often less than a week).


Our site uses cookies t' recognize individual visitors t' th' store. A cookie is a small piece o' information that is sent t' yer web browser by our system that we can use t' identify yer web browser. These cookies be short lived an' will expire when ye close yer browser, on a dead man's chest! We use them t' keep track o' thin's like yer shoppin' cart items an' preferences.

Contact Us

If ye have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, ye can contact us at