2015-2016 Oklahoma Junior Botball Challenge Robotics Grant

2015-2016 Oklahoma Junior Botball Challenge Robotics Grant

2015-2016 Oklahoma Junior Botball Challenge Robotics Grant

Calling all Oklahoma elementary school teachers!

After a successful first season we are pleased to announce the 2015-2016 school year launch of the Junior Botball Robotics Challenge! The Oklahoma State Department of Education in partnership with KISS Institute is offering grants for Oklahoma elementary teachers to participate in this exciting program. There will be several local events in Oklahoma this school year and we hope that you will choose to be part of the growing movement to teach elementary children to code. What better way than through a fun, engaging, hands-on program like robotics! Grant applications will be reviewed and awards will be made weekly while funding lasts. Limited grants are available and a preference will be given to new schools so we encourage you to apply soon!

Once you complete the application process we encourage you to visit our Junior Botball Challenge website!

Application Process

Before you begin to fill out the online application for the 2015-2016 Oklahoma Botball Robotics Grant Application, please make sure you download and complete the Assurance / Signature Form.

Click Here to Download the Assurance / Signature Form (PDF)

You will need this document filled out and signed before you can complete the online application process. Please make sure you have a signed and dated document before scanning and uploading it. The Assurance / Signature Form (PDF) upload is the final step for this online application.

When your assurance document is complete, please fill out the online application below. Remember, the final step of the application will be to upload your completed document!

Release Forms

You will also need to download the OSDE Release Form. Students must have a completed form on file in order to participate in the Junior Botball Challenge Program.

Click Here to Download the OSDE Release Form (PDF)

These release forms do not have to be submitted with your grant application, however, you must turn in a completed release form for every student when you check in for your challenge events.

Assurance/Signature Form Upload

Please make sure your Assurance/Signature Form has all the necessary signatures on their respective lines before uploading the document.

Upload your document.
Files must be less than 7 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

Applicant Information

Botball Participation

Leave the default value at "0" if your school has never participated.

Student Teams

Describe how teams of students will be selected for this project. Specifically, describe how you will attempt to recruit a team that represents the demographics of your school.

Student Benefits

The Botball program is a tool to get students excited about STEM education concepts. Describe the expected benefits to student participants. How will the expected benefits be measured and documented?

Additional Financial Support

Describe if monies apart from this grant will be utilized for this project. Be specific with your response.