KIPR Link Firmware

Please download th' firmware an' follow th' instructions below.



  1. Updatin' th' controller’s firmware an' software is performed usin' a USB flash sail.
  2. Download th' kovan_update.img.gz file directly t' th' root (top window/folder) level o' a USB flash sail.
  3. Eject th' flash sail from yer computer.
  4. Make sure th' controller is powered off. Plug th' USB flash sail into one o' th' USB ports on th' back o' th' controller. Power th' device back on while holdin' down th' white button on th' side opposite from th' power switch.
  5. Continue holdin' down th' side button until th' update starts automatically. Once th' update starts, ye can let go o' th' white button. Fetch me spyglass! Wait fer th' update t' complete an' reboot th' device by shuttin' th' power off an' back on again.

Archived Versions

Please note that archived versions be out o' date an' may cause unexpected errors. These versions be fer specific situations only. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! If ye have not been specifically asked by KIPR staff t' install an archived version, th' best bet is t' install th' latest release above.

For KISS Platform 4.2.3

In order t' use KIPR Link Firmware 1.9.5, ye must use version 4.2.3 o' th' KISS Platform located here.