KIPR Open Autonomous Robotics Game

2015 KIPR Open

KIPR produces the International KIPR Open Autonomous Robot Tournament each year at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics. The 2015 Global Conference on Educational Robotics will be held in Albuquerque, NM at the Albuquerque Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa, July 7-11, 2015. For more information on GCER, please see

The KIPR Open Game rules may be used free of charge for educational purposes. They are regularly used in conjunction with collegiate coursework and in educational robotics events around the world.

College students, professional engineers, hobbyists, poets, and anyone else are encouraged to participate so long as at least one member of their team is beyond High School in their educational careers. Team members should not be subject to being tied up with a Botball team or other potentially conflicting GCER activities unless team size is sufficient for remaining team members to handle team logistics.

The objective for this year’s game challenge reflects the love for red or green chili peppers in the Desert Southwest. See the 2015 KIPR Open Game Specification (link) for a complete description.

Download the 2015 KIPR Open Rules V1.0.

FAQs will be answered at the

Download the 2015 Game Board specifications

2014 KIPR Open Seeding

Team Name Seeding 1 Seeding 2 Seeding 3 Seeding Average
Frank & Beans 82 14 18 50
Great Scotts 64 0 0 32
Hang 'Em High 237 684 0 460.5
Iron Patriots 64 4 78 71
One Last Try 2534 2470 0 2502
PDCMS Joka 64 0 0 32
PRIA Allstars 136 70 66 103
PSCMS Sparty 38 13 0 25.5
Rosebotics Open 48 0 0 24
Team Friendship 89 25 0 57
Team Nameless 64 0 0 32
Team SNARC 114 50 0 82

The KIPR Open Autonomous Robotics Game (formerly known as Beyond Botball) is distributed by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics to encourage ongoing robotics education beyond the high school level.

College and university educators are encouraged to use the KIPR Open game as a project in their science and engineering courses. Mentors, parents and teachers of Botball teams are encouraged to focus their own creative energies into