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Air Travel

There are several major airports close enough to service the GCER venue this year.

Ground Transportation

You can access information regarding ground transportation at the airport websites listed above.

You can also read about Los Angeles mass transit at this link: Metro

Tips for Traveling with Robots

Here are some things to consider when traveling with your robots:

  • Document your robots BEFORE you travel. Take some detailed pictures so if things become disassembled you can easily reassemble.
  • Contact your local airport's TSA and let them know what day and time you're coming and tell them about the robots you're bringing. Never hurts to give them a heads up!
  • Plan on carrying them on rather then checking them with your luggage. Keep in mind the carry-on space requirements/limitations and consider separating your robot into smaller parts that can be easily reassembled when you arrive.
  • Perhaps you can securely pack and ship your robots to your hotel in advance of your departure. If you do that, be sure to pack the robots very securely so there is no room for them to move around in the box. Alert your hotel to be on the look out for your robots and be sure to track them online!