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Special GCER Events

Besides exciting tournament rounds, engaging guest speakers and informative breakout sessions, the Global Conference also offers a variety of special events for conference attendees and guests.

Some of the special events that attendees can look forward to include:

• Activities designed specifically for students

• Scavenger hunts

• Robotics demonstrations

• The Robot Achievement Test

• Field trips

2014 GCER Special Event - Humanoid Robotics!

(By invitation only)

Programming Humanoid Robots for Competition


  • Martin Mason, Mt. San Antonio College
  • Aaron Park, ROBOTIS

Humanoid robots that can interact with human tools and environments are a logical next step in robotics competitions. Humanoid robots also allow for the study of human body structure and behavior and create greater identification between users and robot. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn to program a ROBOTIS DARWIN-MINI Robot. Programing will be done in the Open CM programming environment which is a variant of the processing IDE that is used for the Arduino microprocessor. This workshop will start with an overview of humanoid robots and how to do basic low level open loop and closed loop control. It will introduce interfacing basic sensors to the platform and participants will develop a walking gait for their robot. By the end of the workshop, there will be a race competition to see who can program the fastest robot. Post workshop the DARWIN-MINI robots will be available for the participants to develop an autonomous program for an obstacle course competition as part of the Autonomous Showcase on Friday evening.


  • Basic understanding of the C language.

Additional Requirements:

  • Each participant will need a laptop computer.


  • Martin Mason is the Chair of the Physics and Engineering Department at Mt. San Antonio College and has been on the faculty there since 2002. He specializes in project based learning and computational modeling in introductory physics and engineering courses. His research areas are primarily in robotics with an emphasis on self-initiation in artificial systems and the development of highly efficient gaits for bipedal robots. He founded and mentors the Mt. SAC robotics team which has won numerous national and international competitions. He is especially pleased to have won the Distinguished Faculty award for outstanding teaching, the President’s Award for Educational Innovation. Mason received his MS in Physics from UC Riverside and an MSc in Robotics from the University of Plymouth.
  • Aaron Park is the Director of ROBOTIS, INC. and Founder of Robot Edutainment. Aaron has been working to develop the next generation of robotics through students in the US. His goal is to encourage and advance the capability and usability of innovative application through the infusion of robotics in STEAM educational curricula and research. He has been actively working with various US research institutions to foster academic excellence and professional development, increase student engagement, and improve learning outcomes. His interest is to educate, equip, and provide others with essential skills in robotics to become successful future inventors and innovators.