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2015 GCER Papers & Program

The goal of the conference sessions is to provide an opportunity to share ideas on the topics listed below. We encourage original thinking on topics as detailed as technical innovations and as broad as ethics and robotics.

2015 Papers

You can download the 2015 GCER proceedings as a .zip file or individually below. The arrangement of papers is by session.

Fail to Fail

Benefits of Source Control

  Lauren Butler—Dead Robots Society

  Lila Dubishar—Dead Robots Society

Team management strategies

  Peter Choi—Dewitt Perry Middle School

  Justin Tiao—Dewitt Perry Middle School

Educating a Team from a Leadership Position: Encouraging and Facilitating the Growth of
Knowledge and Experience in Younger Members

  Isaac Yates—Norman Advanced Robotics

Designing Winning Robots

  Canon Reeves—Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts

New and Shiny

Simple Multichannel RC Servo Controller for Smartphones/Tablets

  Aleš Jaklič—Faculty of Comp. and Inf. Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hacking the KIPR Link:
Using the Pixy Low-Latency USB Color Camera

  Jeremy Rand—Sooners / Norman Advanced Robotics Coalition

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger….Programming

Complex Algorithms: Applications and Designs

  Angelo Camargo—Palm Desert Charter High School

  Grant Swajian—Palm Desert Charter High School

Programming a Robot to Go Straight (For Real)

  Isaac Yates—Norman Advanced Robotics

Simple Analog Sensor Filtering for Botball

  David Culp—DeWitt Perry Middle School

A Comprehensive Study of Simple Digital Filters for Botball IR Detection Techniques

  Daniel Maximilian Swoboda—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

  Daniel Honies—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

  Christoph Käferle—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

  Markus Pinter—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

  Raphael Weinfurter—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

  Florian Ungersböck—HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt

Your Teacher is a Robot - Controllers for Learning

Hedgehog: A Versatile Robotics Platform for
Education and Advanced Applications

  Timon Hobert—Practical Robotics Institute Austria

  Reinhard Grabler—Practical Robotics Institute Austria

  Clemens Koza—Practical Robotics Institute Austria

  Christoph Krofitsch—Practical Robotics Institute Austria

Using the Raspberry Pi in Robotics Projects

  David Culp—DeWitt Perry Middle School

  Graham Viegut—DeWitt Perry Middle School

  Kavya Chapati—DeWitt Perry Middle School

  Brendan Glascock—DeWitt Perry Middle School

  Suraj Khosla—DeWitt Perry Middle School