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2013 KIPR Open Tournament Results and Teams

The KIPR Open Tournament encourages ongoing robotics education beyond the high school level. Mentors, parents and teachers of Botball teams are encouraged to focus their own creative energies into a solution for the KIPR Open Tournament.

2013 KIPR Open Tournament teams:

Joka - Palm Desert, California
Sparty - Palm Desert, California
Two Gals from Andromeda - Desert Hot Springs, California
Post 1010 Construction Company - Rockville, Maryland
Twelve Day Surprise - Gainesville, Florida
Team SNARC - Norman, Oklahoma
Waltrip High School - Houston, Texas

2013 KIPR Open Tournament results:

Overall Awards

1 Sparty
2 Team SNARC
3 Twelve Day Surprise
4 Joka
5 Two Gals from Andromeda

Double Elimination Winners

1 Team SNARC
2 Sparty
3 Twelve Day Surprise
4 Two Gals from Andromeda

Seeding Winners

1 Joka
2 Sparty
2 Twelve Day Surprise
3 Team SNARC

Judges' Choice Trophy

Judges' Choice Trophy Post 1010 Construction Company