2014 Elementary Botball® Challenge

Elementary Botball® Challenge

What is the Elementary Botball® Challenge?

The Elementary Botball® Challenge will be in Los Angeles, California, and is designed to give students in kindergarten through 6th grade exposure to and experience with autonomous robots to reinforce science and math skills. Students participating in the Elementary Botball® Challenge will use these skills to build and program a robot to complete a series of pre-designed tasks on a small playing surface.

Teams can compete with an Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit® or any other kit of their choosing so long as the robot is completely autonomous. Teams can be formed at public, private and charter schools as well as homeschool organizations and community groups and can be comprised of any students currently in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, will be hosting an Elementary Botball® Challenge pilot on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at the Radisson Hotel at the University of Southern California. The Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER) will be held during the week at USC, so this will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in STEM education or robotics. For more information on GCER, please click here.

Oklahoma and New Mexico

The Oklahoma Elementary Botball® Challenge pilot was completed on March 8, 2014 in conjunction with the Oklahoma Botball® Tournament at Norman High School. The New Mexico region held their Challenge on March 22, 2014 at UNM Valencia.

Click here for the 2014 Oklahoma Elementary Botball® Challenge results!

How do I Register a Team?

  1. Complete the online registration form by clicking here:

    2014 Elementary Botball® Challenge Registration Form

  2. Once the form is submitted your group will be added to our official team list and an invoice for the registration fee will be sent to the billing address included on your registration form.
  3. After your group's registration is processed you will receive a confirmation email that will include your team's password and team code for accessing the Team Home Base. More details on the Team Home Base are included below.
  4. Almost ALL of our communication with teams takes place on email so be sure you include an email you check regularly and set permissions to receive emails from kipr.org.

What Does the Elementary Botball® Challenge Cost?

  • The registration fee is $95. The only required cost is the registration fee per team. You may have as many students on your team as you wish for that fee, but no more than 3 students may officially complete each individual challenge. With a total of 8 individual challenges we recommend that teams be a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 24.
  • Teams can use any robot kit they choose so long as it is autonomous. Remote controlled robots may not be used for the Elementary Botball® Challenge!
  • We recommend the use of the Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit® for $500. This kit includes everything you need to build and program a robot that can complete the challenges and features a robust beginning robotics curriculum. You will also receive 2 official game surfaces in the cost of the kit. You can check out the details of the Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit® and order one online at this link: http://botballstore.org/product/elementary-botball-challenge-robotic-kit
  • If you choose to use a different robotics kit you may wish to purchase the official game surfaces and teams using the Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit® may wish to purchase extra game surfaces here: http://botballstore.org/product/elementary-botball-challenge-surfaces.

Do You Provide Training?

We will be providing a Professional Development Workshop for the California region teachers who purchase the Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit® on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at the USC Main Campus. The workshop begins at 9:30 am and will end at 4:30 pm. Teachers attending this workshop will learn to build and program their own robot using the Elementary Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit®. You will need a laptop computer for the workshop which fits the guidelines listed below as well as ADMINISTRATIVE PRIVILEGES. Please be sure to provide the names of the people attending the workshop on the registration form!

What Will I Need for the Elementary Botball® Challenge?

Every team participating in the Elementary Botball® Challenge will need a computer for programming their robot. We recommend that you have at least one laptop computer to bring with you when you come to the event on July 30th. Your machine must run one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or 8
  • Mac OS X 10.8 and greater

What Happens at the Event?

Check in on the day of the event will open at 9 am and the actual challenges will be officially open for teams at 10:30 am. We'll present Elementary Botball® Challenge top finisher awards at approximately 3PM.

After check in, teams can go to the "pit area" to set up their computer and robot and get ready to participate in the challenges. Teachers and parents will be allowed in the pit area, but please keep in mind that all of the robot building and programming should be done by the students!

We will have 8 official challenges that teams can participate in - teams can choose to do as few or as many as they wish, but each team will receive only ONE official and final score for each challenge. The official challenge surfaces will be set up in the arena area - only three people per team can line up to participate in any given challenge. One of the three people can be an adult, but no other adults will be allowed in the arena area. Adults must stay in the pit area or in the spectator area.

We will provide certificates for every team that participates in the Elementary Botball® Challenge and awards for each challenge completed by a group of students. We will also have trophies for the top finishers in each challenge as well as an overall trophy for the team with highest overall score in all events.

What are the Official Challenges?

The official challenges will include things such as line following, maneuvering around obstacles on a playing surface, obstacle avoidance, etc. All of the official guidelines will be posted on the Team Home Base for registered teams. The Team Home Base will also include a forum for teams participating in the Elementary Botball® Challenge and an FAQ.