2012 National Botball Impact

Participant Statistics
• 30% female participants
• 40.84% White, 30.26% Asian, 4.05% Native American, 12.18% Hispanic or Latino, 9.42% Black or African American, 3.25% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
• 36% middle school aged students & 64% high school
• Average of 8hrs/week active engagement, 27.9% of teams > 10 hrs week.
• 70% do not participate in any other STEM programs

Educational and Career Interest
• 96.3% intend to attend a college or university
• 66.5% would consider a degree in engineering
• 52.5% would consider a degree in computer science

Academic Skills
• 59.8% like to program
• 72.8% indicate they used and applied math skills and concepts while completing the project
• 80% indicate they know more about engineering concepts after participating

Soft Skills & Student Confidence
• 81.2% indicate they have more confidence in their ability to solve complex problems
• 78.4% indicate they are more accepting of other team member’s views and ideas
• 65% indicate an improvement of their time management skills
• 80.2% indicate that their problem solving skills have improved
• 86% indicate that their communication skills have improved

Adult Impact
• Professional development for ~380 teachers
• 82% of participating teachers report using the equipment in their classrooms for other STEM activities
• 66.7% of teams have a mentor in addition to their teacher

The Botball program has impacted approximately 103,205 individuals including 51,320 students since 1997.

Just over one third of Botball students were undecided about their college careers, and after participating in Botball 89% of these students are now considering a degree in a technical, science or math-related field.

Our 2012 Botball teams were:
30% female, 60% minority;
60% were high school aged
and 40% middle school aged.

Contact us for more information:
email: info@kipr.org
phone: (405) 579 4609
web: www.botball.org

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